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Oil and Gas Essentials Course

This one day course / field trip is designed for:

a) oil and gas company non technical staff (legal, land, accounting, IT, human resources and administrative personnel) and less experienced technical individuals,

b) oil and gas industry support and financial personnel (petroleum service sector, banking, investment companies, lawyers, etc.) and

c) any group interested in learning about the oil and gas industry in Alberta.

Oil and Gas Essentials has been part of the internal training program of numerous oil and gas corporations, industry associations such as CAPLA and various corporation co-op programs.

This oil and gas field course begins in Calgary, proceeds to Turner Valley with a stop at the historic Turner Valley Gas Plant, passes through the foothills and ends in Canmore prior to returning to Calgary. En route, participants learn the basics about the various aspects of the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry including exploration / exploitation geology, geophysics and the various engineering disciplines ( including drilling engineering, production engineering and reservoir engineering ) - how oil and gas reserves are found, extracted and marketed - as well as gaining insight into the history of the Canadian petroleum / oil and gas industry and the impact changing technology has had throughout the years. From outcrop to discovery well site, from oil pool to sour gas pool, this oil and gas course takes participants to some of the very spots that changed both the history of Alberta and Canada. By days end, participants will understand the basics of rock and reservoir types, seals, traps, exploration / drilling methodologies, processing, transportation and play economics. Aside from the technical and economical aspects of the industry, participants will also gain a comprehensive insight into the historical and present day economic importance of the oil and gas industry within the economy of Alberta and Canada and the world. Oil and Gas Essentials courses depart from Calgary at 7:45 am and return at 9:15 pm.

Oil and Gas Essentials Testimonials:

GeoHistory Testimonials

" This course was better than excellent, it was fabulous! "

" AWESOME!! Everyone should take this course. "

" Wonderful day, exceeded all expectations. Thank you. "

" A fantastic experience! "

" Unrelentingly interesting! "

" Extremely educational and entertaining. "

" Learned as much as I did in a 4 month course. It was great. "

" A very informative and enjoyable day. "

" Absolutely fantastic from start to finish. "

" An excellent overview for geologists as well as non geologists. "

" It is the BEST course I have ever been on. I highly recommend this course to anyone, even experienced O&G personnel. "

The Oil and Gas Essentials Course

Calgary, Turner Valley and Canmore, Alberta BC

Fall, 2019 $615.00 plus GST $515.00 plus GST Registration Open April 15

Course Location

The course begins at the Weaselhead Parking Lot in North Glenmore Park, 6615 37 St SW, Calgary, AB T3E 5M9 at 07:15 where participants are treated to a continental breakfast. After breakfast, course participants load our luxury coach for a trip to the historic Turner Valley Gas Plant, with a few stops ( including one pit stop ) along the way. After a tour of the facility, we head for lunch in Turner Valley. After lunch, we make our way towards Canmore, partake in a small hike and then head into Canmore for dinner. After dinner, we return back to the Weaselhead Parking Lot for drop off, usually by 21:30.


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