March 23, 2018

Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas - Resource Play Essentials:
Calgary, Alberta

The first decade of the 21st Century saw the emergence of large, commercially viable and previously untapped unconventional crude oil and natural gas reserves onto the world stage. 2007 through 2010 saw the creation of dozens of public and private oil and gas companies within the Canadian Oil Patch whose sole purpose was to find and develop unconventional oil and gas reserves. The intense competition for leases, drilling, production, evaluation and service equipment caused costs to skyrocket to levels previously unseen in the Canadian and global Oil and Gas Industry. Large amounts of capital, resources and personnel were funnelled into resource plays. These unconventional oil and natural gas plays have forever changed the economics of the oil and gas industry. GeoHistory's Unconventional Oil and Gas - Resource Play Essentials course provides participants with a working overview of unconventional oil and natural gas. Participants learn how resource plays are identified, evaluated and produced and about the economic and environmental impact of resource plays both within Canada and around the world.

This oil and gas industry training course is designed for:

a) oil and gas company non technical staff (legal, land, accounting, IT and support personnel) junior technical staff and technical staff new to the petroleum industry,

b) oil and gas industry support and financial personnel (petroleum service sector, banking, investment companies, lawyers, etc.), investors and

c) any individual or group interested in learning about unconventional oil and gas.

During this full day, hands on resource play course participants will:

a) Learn about unconventional oil and gas - what unconventional crude oil and natural gas is and where it is found.

b) Learn about Canada's resource plays and where they fit amongst the world's oil and natural gas reserves.

c) Learn how unconventional reservoirs are developed and produced.

d) See rocks that make up unconventional reservoirs and learn how core, well logs and other technical data are used to evaluate and develop resource plays.

e) Learn about resource play environmental issues such as fracing and surface impact.

Course Pricing :

First 20 Participants: $565 per person
Next 5 Participants (21 to 25): $535 per person
Participants in excess of 25 : $495 per person

Past GeoHistory Course Participants: $495 per person
New Course Participants: $565 per person

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