March 23, 2018

The Basics of the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry
Calgary, Alberta

The Basics of the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry is a two day course that provides participants with a broad overview of the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry. The course highlights petroleum exploration and development, focussing on how oil and gas reserves are found, extracted, processed and marketed as well as providing an overview of the present day economic and environmental realities of the industry and their impact on the economy of Alberta, Canada and the world. Participants will also gain insight into the history of the industry and the effect changing technologies have had throughout the years.

The course covers conventional and unconventional petroleum resources including oil sands and includes some hands on geology, engineering and a property development exercise. An optional third half day is available that includes a trip to a local gas plant.

Basics of the Oil and Gas Industry is a summary compilation of GeoHistory's one day Oil and Gas Industry courses and is designed for:

a) new oil and gas company non technical staff (legal, land, accounting, IT and administrative personnel) and field staff and those interested in entering the industry,

b) oil and gas industry support and financial personnel (petroleum service sector, banking, investment companies, lawyers, etc.) and,

c) any oil and gas industry investors, analyst, individual or groups interested in learning about the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry.

The Basics of the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry was developed and is taught by a highly regarded industry course instructor with 30 years of industry experience as a reservoir engineer, exploration and development geologist, acquisitions and divestiture specialist.

Past GeoHistory Course Participants: $1045 per person
New Course Participants: $1195 per person

Participation is limited to 20 individuals.

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