March 23, 2018
Land of the Dinosaurs Course:
Calgary to the Red Deer River Valley
Southern Alberta is a treasure house of geology, natural history and culture. One of our most famous natural resources is the Dinosaur Park Formation within the Cretaceous Belly River Formation. Economically important for its coal and petroleum resources, the Dinosaur Park Formation has an even more famous claim - as the world's richest dinosaur bearing formation. Several hundred intact fossilized dinosaurs, as well as numerous crocodiles, tortoises and other ancient life forms have been excavated from this scenic band of rock over the past century. These dinosaur discoveries are exhibited in famous museums world wide, including in what is now argueably the most famous dinosaur museum of all - the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. GeoHisotry's Land of the Dinosaurs Field Course takes you to the site of these amazing dinosaur discoveries - the Dinosaur Park Formation in Dinosaur Provincial Park located in the grassland prairies of South Eastern Alberta - for a day with the dinosaurs.

A must for those who have an interest in dinosaurs. This single day excursion starts in Calgary and includes numerous stops along the way to, and in, the historic Red Deer River Valley. Tour participants learn about the dinosaurs and, in so doing, learn why Dinosaur Provincial Park has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the course of the tour participants will see ancient river channels, petrified trees, and numerous fossils including dinosaur bones, sea shells, and the occasional dinosaur tooth and crocodile tooth.
Thigh Bone
Petrified Log

During the afternoon, participants have the option of travelling to the world renowned Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology - where real, fossilized dinosaurs lurk around every corner. Tours depart from Calgary at 7:00 am and return between 8:00 pm and 10:00pm.

Dinosaur Hunting on the Milk River

Course Pricing (Groups of 20 or more):

Contact to book groups.

First 20 Participants: $475 per person
Next 5 Participants (21 to 25): $450 per person
Participants in excess of 25 : $425 per person

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