GeoHistory Inc. has been providing Canadian Oil and Gas Industry clients with superior educational experiences since 1998. GeoHistory courses are designed to provide rewarding, memorable and enjoyable educational experiences for individuals, companies and organizations. GeoHistory is a recognized leader in course content and concept teachability, developing and providing courses for both nontechnical and junior technical personnel within and outside of the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry. Highly regarded, GeoHistory's courses are considered amongst the best Oil and Gas Industry courses available.

GeoHistory Inc. offers a number of classroom based Oil and Gas Industry courses, including
the Basics of the Canadian Petroleum Industry Course, the Oil Sands Heavy Oil Essentials Course and
the Rocks, Records, Contracts and Reserves Course. As with our original one day field course, the Oil and Gas Essentials Field Course, many of our courses form part of the internal training programs of Canadian oil and gas corporations and organizations. Our classroom courses and field courses were designed by a Professional Geologist, Professional Engineer and historian. Combining technical expertise in geology, engineering and geophysics with decades of practical technical and managerial experience in the oil and gas industry and an extensive knowledge of local natural, cultural and historical events enables our course instructors to ensure that participants receive learning experiences unattainable elsewhere - unique, memorable experiences that can immediately be applied to the workplace. As a result, Geohistory's courses frequently exceed participant expectations.

GeoHistory Inc. caters to Calgary and western Canadian based petroluem, service and support companies and organizations, providing unique classroom and field trip experiences that enhance internal training programs and staff expertise. Our full day field courses and field trips are frequently used as corporate and organizational team building venues. Planning a corporate function, convention or conference and need corporate activities, convention activities or conference activities? Try one of our Calgary, Alberta based GeoHistory Tours.

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