July 20, 2018
Mountain Building, Global Warming and the Beginning of Life Course-
Sulphur Mt., Athabasca Glacier and The Burgess Shale at Walcott Quarry

GeoHistory Inc. now facilitates its first two day field course, highlighting the creation of the Rocky Mountains, Global Warming and the beginning of life on the planet. As our first multi-day course, the Moutain Bulding, Global Warming and the Beginning of Life Course rolls several GeoHistory Courses and GeoHistory Tours into one amazing two day Field Course.

The course starts in Calgary on Day 1 and proceeds to Banff. Along the way, participants learn how the Rocky Mountains and Alberta foothills were formed and moulded aided by several short stops before and within the foothills and front ranges. Participants are versed in the natural history of the area including structural geology, glacial geology and stratigraphy of the Alberta foothills, front ranges and main ranges of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This section of the trip finishes with a ride up the Sulphur Mountain Gondola and lunch. After lunch, the group continues to the Columbia Icefields for a tour of the Athabasca Glacier and a discussion on Global Warming. Day 1 finishes with an introduction to the Burgess Shale, gourmet dinner and a night at the Emerald Lake Lodge.

On Day 2, participants hike to the Burgess Shale Fossil Beds at the Walcott Quarry, a restricted UNESCO World Heritage Site within Yoho National Park. After the hike, the group returns to Field, B.C. for dinner and then returns to Calgary. This two day course is an excellent team builder.

Participants must be in very good physical condition for this field course. The Burgess Shale Walcott Quarry hike entails an elevation gain in excess of 850m and a return hiking distance of approximately 22 kilometres. The hike is not recommended for individuals who have a fear of heights, joint issues or any other medical problems that may affect their well being, or for children under the age of twelve. The cost of this course includes luxury coach transportation, one night's accommodation at the Emerald Lake Lodge, all meals, course manual and all facility/tour fees and taxes. The season in Yoho is short - we can only do the course from early July until late September.

Course Pricing (Groups of 12 to 24 Calgary Departure):

Contact info@geohistory.ca to book groups.

Past GeoHistory Course Participants: $1650 per person
New Participants: $1950 per person

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